Rebecca Waite, LCSW



My passion in life is helping people through change and helping people choose differently.  After all, the one constant in life is... CHANGE!

I have worked in a variety of settings including: private therapy practices, hospitals, residential programs, and in-home and facility-based hospice programs.

I discovered the common thread in all of my work has been helping people cope with change that was occurring to them and helping people choose differently for a better life. It is an honor to be a part of another's person journey and I'm grateful you are here considering me to be a part of yours.

In addition to providing therapy services, I serve as an adjunct professor in the graduate program at University of South Florida. I am an active participant in the pursuit of social justice and community healing. And, like most Floridians, I spend a lot of time at the beach where I find my own healing and sanctuary.

This Space Between is a safe and welcoming place for all.  I believe you are the expert on "you" and I will NEVER tell you that you're wrong for being you. Come as you are. There is no judgement here, only heaps of support and encouragement.