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a space for expansion

When the blueprint for relationships that we were given no longer fits, how do we move forward, courageously, and build something new?

Many folks were told from a young age that monogamy was the best - and only way - to love and to be loved. Many folks are also now beginning to question if a monogamous relationship structure is what is best for them. Relationship and individual therapy can be a great way to start to explore the possibilities.

At This Space Between, both Jimmy and I offer therapeutic services tailored to non-monogamous and polyamorous folks. By drawing from our relational therapy training and our own lived experience, we create a safe, knowledgeable and non-judgmental space for you.


Our goal is to support you in building the scaffolding of your relationship structure. You will be the architect of your new design, while we help you navigate the tricky stuff like: anxiety, jealousy and conflict. We will also show you how to cultivate curiosity, love, connection and security. 

To find out more Email Us to schedule a free 15 minute video consultation 

Jimmy and I also offer coaching programs and workshops for non-monogamous folks. To learn more please email

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