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a space for change

Do you feel stuck? Unmotivated? In limbo?


I often hear people say they wish they could make a change, but they "just aren't motivated" enough. 

Having spent many years working with people who are going through major life changes (moving, career change, graduation from college, marriage, coming out, etc), I can say without a doubt, that while you may *feel* unmotivated, this is not what is holding you back. 

You are motivated; your motivation just isn't aligned with your goal. And we are going to find out why!

Using a combination of strategies, such as Motivational Interviewing, value clarification, and challenging self-limiting narratives, we will work to identify the direction you want to move in, remove obstacles in your path, and create value-driven guide posts to help you navigate your way through change. 

This space between what was and what will be is yours for the taking. Come claim it!


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