a space for change

Do you feel stuck? Unmotivated? In limbo?


Have you tried to change past behaviors and found yourself falling short of your goal time and time again?


Do you find yourself dreaming big but keeping your actions small and safe to avoid failure?

Is your inner critic yelling at you right now?

I want to tell you you are not alone and there is hope. Together we will explore and move through the space between who you were and who you will become. 

Using a combination of strategies, such as Motivational Interviewing, and tools, such as the Enneagram, we will look closely at how you view the world and yourself. We will examine how these views have influenced your relationship with change and motivation, and how you can take control of your motivation and break the cycle of disappointment and fear. 

This space between what was and what will be is yours for the taking. Come claim it!

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