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Becs Waite, Licensed Psychotherapist
Jimmy Bridges, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

 for This Space Between Therapy Services
Serving Massachusetts and Vermont Couples and Relationships

Welcome! We are Becs and Jimmy - two therapists who are passionate about helping folks navigate challenge and change in their relationships.


In relationships, the space between who we were and who we will become can sometimes feel overwhelming and unsettling. We want to help you through this space, while showing you the opportunities for healing, growth and connection along the way.

Here are some reasons to explore "This Space Between" with us:

You and your partner(s) are struggling to communicate and you need a space for your relationship to be held while you move through a significant change.

You feel unseen and unheard in your relationship. Or you feel like you have to hide parts of yourself in order to "keep the peace".

You want to balance the need for individuality and connection in your relationships.

You want to change your response to stress and conflict so you feel less anxious and overwhelmed.

You want to collaborate with a professional who will affirm and support who you are.

This space between is for you! To learn more, click the green button above or email us to set up a free consultation.

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