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Becs Waite, LICSW 
Licensed Psychotherapist in Massachusetts and Vermont

Hi! Welcome! I'm Becs, a queer, non binary, non monogamous human who provides couples and relationship therapy to folks who are wanting change or help navigating change.

My practice focuses on helping queer and expansive humans, and non monogamous folks and their relationships find their way through and to change. This work is deeply rooted in a belief that healing and growth occurs when we are in the practice of strengthening and deepening our connection to self and connection to others. 

I also enjoy supporting relationships between stepparents, parents and caregivers who are navigating a non-nuclear and non-traditional family structure, such as a stepfamily or blended family, a polycule, or anarcule. 

In my practice, I use a relational framework based in Attachment Theory and Differentiation to help you build a secure, safe base within yourself and your relationships. Together we will create a space where you can safely explore challenges and grow from them. This Space Between was intentionally designed to be welcoming place for all.  You are the expert on you and I will NEVER tell you that you're wrong for being you. 

Please take a look at the FAQs page to learn more about me, my offerings and what therapy looks like at This Space Between, or contact me here.

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