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CNM and Polyamory Therapy


Needs we can support in Relationship Therapy:
Support for Non-Monogamous and Polyamorous
Balancing Individuality and Connection
Fostering a Secure Attachment
Breaking Cycles of Unresolved Conflict
Building Communication Skills
Opening Up
Exploration of Ki
nk and Sexual Liberation
Couple, Triad, Quad and Polycule support

Couples Therapy

Needs we can support in Couples Therapy:
Pre-marital Counseling
Queer, Trans, and Non-binary affirming therapy
Developing Conflict Navigation Skills
Healing Attachment Wounds
Recovery from Rupture, including infidelity
Exploration of Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Structure
Supporting Neurodiversity within the Relationship
Kink-affirming therapy
...and much more!

A Couple of Succulents

To learn more or book a free consultation for relationship therapy, please email us

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