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Individual Therapy

Green Succulent Plant

Needs that we can support in Individual Therapy include:
Support for all Romantic/Sexual Orientations

Exploration and Affirmation of Gender Identity
Stress and Anxiety Management
Increasing Self-Compassion
Creating Fulfilling and More Aligned Relationships
Mindfulness, Breath and Somatic Work
Navigating Life or Career Transitions
Boundary Work

Email us to schedule a Free Consultation for individual therapy or learn more here

Relationship Counseling


Needs we can support in Relationship/Couples Counseling:
Support for Monogamous, Non-Monogamous and Polyamorous
Balancing Individuality and Connection
Fostering a Secure Attachment
Breaking Cycles of Unresolved Conflict
Building Communication Skills
Boundary Work
Exploration of Relationship Structure

To learn more or book a free consultation for relationship therapy, please email us

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